julio 22, 2015

The welcome speech

There are many things that connect and distinguish us through the thousands and thousands of km the earth has. Our features are different, traditions, habits, time zone, way of dressing, music, language, scripts, meal... many are the differences. But, among the things that connect us, among so many things we are similar  concerning books. There is not country in which there are not books. So, in this way, like one of those childish jokes ... what a Spanish and a resident of Samoa, Oman, Armenia, Chile and Kazakhstan look alike? Or from Cuba , Cambodia and Suriname? ... They use an element to mark the pages of a book: a paper, a train/bus ticket, .... or a ♥ bookmark ♥ . 

The objective is this: get a bookmark for each country in the world and complete an imaginary globe in which the countries are represented by the colors and textures of a bookmark .

I start with optimism. I think today I have 68 bookmarks from 68 different countries. It won't be easy, but I will keep a very high optimism :)

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